Very cheap no deposit car insurance + All Of The Things I’ve Googled in The Last 24 Hours

I am not a functional human without Google. Google does about 85% of the work my brain should be doing for me.

I decided to write down all of the things I’ve Googled in the last 24 hours. Because it’s 5 am and I lost all ability to form any kind of creative thought in about 2005.

‘Where to get cheap travel insurance’ plus about 20 variations. I think I was hoping I would get cheaper numbers if I wrote the words in a slightly different order. I didn’t.

‘How to poach an egg’ I can’t cook.

Followed by ‘How long to boil an egg for’ I clearly decided that poaching one was beyond my skill level.

Very cheap car insurance no deposit’ again with several variations on word order. I’m really keen on good value insurance, but didn’t find anything good. Until I googled who has the cheapest auto insurance.

‘What happens if you stay awake for 3 days straight?’ I needn’t have bothered, I’m about halfway through that reality. It’s not pretty. I can only assume the answer is death.

‘Is driving barefoot illegal?’ Turns out the answer is yes. So, sorry mum. I guess I lost the argument. Although I think the actual screaming at the top of your lungs that you didn’t want to die was a little over dramatic.

‘Is it bad for you to eat giant grapes?’ Some countries have really big fruits and vegetables OK! It’s not a weird question.

‘What’s the difference between mi5 and mi6?’ I still don’t know. Do I even read the answers to the things I search?

‘Why don’t Russian people smile?’ I asked this because my friend showed me a video of her boyfriend dancing on a yacht surrounded by a lot of thoroughly unimpressed looking Russian people. Not because I think that all of the Russian people I’ve met are miserable. Also, she told me they were Russian, I didn’t just assume that because they weren’t smiling.

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