Used cars and my big gamble

Buying a used car – My Big Gamble

This isn’t a story about how horrible used cars are. Quite the opposite. It’s about how I took a chance on used cars Toronto and got a great car for a good price.

I had heard so many horror stories about used cars. My parents only bought new cars. I’m not really sure why but it was an attitude that was passed down to me and my brother. New is good. Used is questionable because someone sold it for a reason.

They were wrong. I mean, what kind of an attitude is that to have? It always seemed like a bargain to me. Get a car that someone didn’t want anymore for a fraction of the price? I mean, why not? But, I was young and years away from buying a car of my own then.

When we were in high school, my brother saved up some money and bought his own used car. It was a nightmare. He kept sinking more and more money into it and couldn’t get it to work. My parents weren’t happy about it and it just made them more adamant that used cars weren’t worth it.

Lucky for me, I didn’t buy it. I mean, my brother bought it from some random guy he found in the newspaper. Because that’s how long ago that happened, he found it in the newspaper. We just didn’t have all the information and access back then.

Anyway, a few years ago, my husband and I decided to get a second car. I was hesitant to take on another big car payment so we decided to look for a used car. I thought it was a gamble at the time but, honestly, it was the best thing I ever did.

We didn’t find our car in the newspaper. We spent some time doing our research and started out by looking online for used cars in Toronto here: When we found a few that we liked, we went to the dealers to check them out. There were 3 that we really liked and that met all of our criteria. They didn’t have too many miles on them and the all came with a pretty good warranty.

Eventually, after 2 test drives and a trip to our mechanic, we settled on our car. We ended up saving a lot of money and absolutely love the car. Plus, I got to tell my parents a big fat, “I told you so.” 

After buying the car I started looking for car insurance, no deposit car insurance in particular. Which I found here:

Would be bad if my used car got damaged, so buying insurance was a huge priority for me!


Very cheap no deposit car insurance + All Of The Things I’ve Googled in The Last 24 Hours

I am not a functional human without Google. Google does about 85% of the work my brain should be doing for me.

I decided to write down all of the things I’ve Googled in the last 24 hours. Because it’s 5 am and I lost all ability to form any kind of creative thought in about 2005.

‘Where to get cheap travel insurance’ plus about 20 variations. I think I was hoping I would get cheaper numbers if I wrote the words in a slightly different order. I didn’t.

‘How to poach an egg’ I can’t cook.

Followed by ‘How long to boil an egg for’ I clearly decided that poaching one was beyond my skill level.

Very cheap car insurance no deposit’ again with several variations on word order. I’m really keen on good value insurance, but didn’t find anything good. Until I googled who has the cheapest auto insurance.

‘What happens if you stay awake for 3 days straight?’ I needn’t have bothered, I’m about halfway through that reality. It’s not pretty. I can only assume the answer is death.

‘Is driving barefoot illegal?’ Turns out the answer is yes. So, sorry mum. I guess I lost the argument. Although I think the actual screaming at the top of your lungs that you didn’t want to die was a little over dramatic.

‘Is it bad for you to eat giant grapes?’ Some countries have really big fruits and vegetables OK! It’s not a weird question.

‘What’s the difference between mi5 and mi6?’ I still don’t know. Do I even read the answers to the things I search?

‘Why don’t Russian people smile?’ I asked this because my friend showed me a video of her boyfriend dancing on a yacht surrounded by a lot of thoroughly unimpressed looking Russian people. Not because I think that all of the Russian people I’ve met are miserable. Also, she told me they were Russian, I didn’t just assume that because they weren’t smiling.


An enlightening nail salon experience

Okay, here’s a little something not related to delicious Louisiana food! I found a great salon near me, and just had to share it with the rest of the world.

You can judge a person by the shoes he is wearing. Similarly, the nails are a dead giveaway. A set of badly maintained nails can put off most people. Many people, in fact, give preference to the other parts of the body. I used to do so in the earlier part of my career. Everything changed when I visited the nail salon near me. It was a pure accidental visit. However, it changed my perception of nail care. I wish to share this experience with all.

One of my friends wanted to have a nail job. I accompanied her just to get rid of my loneliness and boredom. The two hours I spent at the salon taught me a whole lot of new things. It was an enlightening experience. I must admit I had never been to a nail salon before. My idea of beauty was something different. This experience proved how wrong I was in this aspect.

Right from the moment I stepped in, it was an excellent atmosphere. The reception staff was one of the most courteous I had ever experienced in life. The Korean girls knew what they were doing. I was amazed at the level of proficiency and expertise of these cute girls. The deftness with which they handled my friend was the stuff of dreams. My friend is a fussy character. If these girls could manage to satisfy my friend, I must say they could do the same to anybody.

The ambience was perfect. The ventilation system was exquisite. Every client had an individual nail technician. The word may sound funny, but it is an apt one at the same time. You need a tremendous amount of technical skill to excel in this job. These girls might be just high school graduates. However, the level of professionalism was legendary. I have become a fan of these girls. I have decided that I would visit this salon near me on a fortnightly basis to have some of the best manicures and pedicures.

This nail salon doubles up as a mini-beauty salon. You can get the best hair and skin treatment here. They use high quality equipment. The best part of the exercise is that they sterilize the cutting machines after every use. This explains the professionalism and care for the smaller details. I definitely welcome this nail salon near me to others. Speaking of which, I found my salon using this site: I recommend checking it out.


Looking for cheap car insurance in louisiana

We’re lucky to have such tasty and cheap food in louisiana, I just wish our car insurance was as cheap!

I’ve spent the last few hours comparing insurance companies, and everyone seems way too expensive. Took me a while to find a decent company, and I only ended up finding it because of

So I wanted to give a quick shoutout to autoinsurancemonkey. Without it I would have spent a lot longer looking for cheap car insurance, and probably wouldn’t have even food a better deal!

I learned a lot today, like price isn’t everything. If you’re looking for car insurance I recommend you read this:

I ended up getting full coverage car insurance, through a local company and saved about 20% on my monthly premium. Just enough to eat out at some amazing local restaurants :). Though I probably should use that money to buy a gym membership. I’ve probably already gained 10 pounds this fall, and I don’t think Winter is going to be any better on my body!

Already even of about car insurance, let’s talk about something fun.

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I’m not 100% sure what to make this blog about. I know for sure I’m going to include some random day to day things about my life, because in the end it is a my BLOG. I would like to have some focus though, and I’m not really sure what people are interested in. So please leave a comment below and let me know. I appreciated all comments!